Making location-based apps easy

Indoor and outdoor location and geofencing SDK


Pervasive Location™ has a range of features designed to make embedding location-awareness into your apps easy. Want something more complex? No problem, our SDK is powerful enough to give you flexibility and control over what you need.

Flexible Positioning

Want to be able to position mobile devices without having to worry about which technology to use? Want it to work indoors and out? Pervasive Location™ provides you with a unified way of defining locations and assigning payloads to be delivered when they are triggered.

Indoor and outdoor positioning
Define GPS, beacon and Wi-Fi locations
Trigger by distance to give custom payload
Customisable and extensible triggering
History of scans and triggered locations
Seamless background operation handled for you

Custom Geofencing

Geofencing using all available technologies comes as standard, enabling you to trigger payloads on geo-location or proximity. Need something more bespoke or complex? Pervasive Location™ allows you to define your own triggering rules and geofence shapes by providing an extensible API.

GPS, beacon and Wi-Fi radius geofencing out of the box
Define your own custom geofencing rules and triggers
Use a combination of technologies
Embed your own business logic
Use scan and location history to perform different actions
Load data from your own cloud resources

Simple to Use

Let's face it, getting to grips with how iOS and Android wants you to use location technologies is time consuming and complex. Not sure how to make sure iOS and Android maintain geofences when your app isn't running? Pervasive Location™ takes the hassle out of platform-dependent APIs and restrictions.

In-app and background location triggering handled for you
Deals with the complexity of iOS and Android technologies for you
Unified API to underlying technologies
Customisable operation so you remain in control
Battery friendly operating modes
Test mode for location replay

Cloud Integration

Want to be able to keep your locations up-to-date? Want to change the payload for a location on-the-fly? Pervasive Location™ works regardless of whether the device is connected to a network or not, and can be configured to load locations, payloads and options from your own cloud solution.

Load locations, payloads and options from the cloud
Controllable location and option load
Payloads can be loaded in real-time
Use your own cloud infrastructure
Seamless online/offline operation with caching
Bespoke cloud solution available via our enterprise support

Ready to see how Pervasive Location™ can make your location-based app easy?