Enhancing Customer Experience in Rail Travel


Cloud Development, Data and Sensor Fusion, Feasibility Studies, Geospatial Data, Innovation Funding, IoT Development, Mobile Development, Pervasive Location™, Prototyping, Requirements Definition, Solution Design

Dates: 01/12/2015 - 01/07/2017

Partners: iGeolise, London Underground, ManagePlaces Limited, University of Surrey

Funder: Innovate UK

When you board a train today it is noticeable that travellers are occupied with their connected devices in some way. What if their interaction included instant, useful and personalised travel information about their journey, whilst helping the travel operator to gain valuable personalised feedback data at the same time? In this project a unique platform will be designed, created and tested that helps a user to customise their travel experience based on large-­scale data analysis of real-­time information from data feeds, end user community contribution, transport systems and sensors. The project is sponsored by the Innovate UK and part-funded by the project partners.