Self-learning and Insight-surfacing Data Analytics System

Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Development, Data Integration, Feasibility Studies, Innovation Funding, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Prototyping, Solution Design

Dates: 01/07/2016 - 01/09/2017

Partners: Mistion Limited, Rais Opportunities Ltd

Funder: Innovate UK

Rais, supported by its collaborative partners Pervasive Intelligence and Mistion, is seeking to evaluate the feasibility of developing an innovative data analytics system. The partners intend that this powerful but simple-to-use software tool will use a unique combination of bespoke machine learning and computational intelligence techniques to help businesses better utilise their customer data. Dependent upon the outputs from this project, this will help non-technical clients interrogate their data by suggesting appropriate questions and presenting insight and recommendations in an easy to absorb manner so they can take actions more quickly.