Using Real-time Train Data to Influence Passenger Behaviour

Feasibility Study

Cloud Development, Data and Sensor Fusion, Data Integration, Feasibility Studies, Geospatial Data, IoT Development, Mobile Development, Pervasive Location™, Prototyping

Dates: 01/03/2017 - 20/02/2018

Partner: University of Surrey

Funders: RRUKA, RSSB

With a focus on how to improve boarding and alighting from trains to make it faster and safer, the RRUKA has funded 4 research projects to investigate how providing improved data to passengers can influence their behaviour. Working with the University of Surrey, we will prototype technologies which can automatically determine which carriages form a train without the need for expensive infrastructure or equipment. The project is sponsored by the RRUKA through the University of Surrey. Further details can be found here.