We offer a range of services focused on solving complex problems and bringing innovation to life. With expertise in software development using a range of technologies and platforms to build robust and future-proof solutions, coupled with experience of leading-edge techniques from artificial intelligence to augmented reality, we can help cut through complexity to give you a solution you can use in the real-world.

Advanced Design

Working with emerging technologies is challenging. Having research and commercial experience allows us to bring a deep understanding of systems design to enable new and complex technologies to be deployed in robust, well-designed solutions.

Agile Development

Our work is underpinned at every step by the needs of our clients. To achieve workable solutions to complex problems requires an agile approach to building software that enables our clients' needs to be met in rapid development cycles.


Bringing new services to market is challenging and full of uncertainty. Our flexible approach to solutions development, coupled with our track record of gaining innovation funding, means that we can help bring your ideas to life without breaking your budget.

Data Analytics

Data is a valuable business resource. Our experience in integrating and processing data from internal and publicly-available sources, and using it to build models and predictions, will help you unlock its value.

Location-based Services

We have extensive experience of developing mobile apps for location-based services. We have developed mobile apps which use GPS, beacons and Wi-Fi to localise indoors and out, fusing sensor readings to get more accurate results.