Why Us?

There are lots of software development companies, so why choose Pervasive Intelligence? We like to think we offer a high quality service which flexibly meets you needs when dealing with complex and innovative solutions.


We are a flexible company who are easy to work with and approachable. We're a small company and proud of it because we are unconstrained by the baggage that a large company brings. Unlike some large companies, we like to get to know our customers well because it's good for them and good for us. With a good understanding of your business, we can make sure that our solutions meet your needs even if those needs are hard to articulate.


Small is beautiful, but this doesn't mean we have a narrow focus. Our extensive experience in a range of technologies and markets mean that we are not constrained by a particular approach, favourite technology or pet solution. The most important thing for us is that you get the solution you need which will stand the test of time. Of course, we also follow all of the best practices for software development, and strive to maintain high professional standards in everything we do.


Not sure where to start? Just give us a call. We're known for our generous, free and unbiased advice on a range of topics from gaining innovation funding, to selecting the best approach to a difficult problem. If we don't think we're the right people for the job, we'll tell you, and even try to point you in the right direction. And of course, you benefit from this supportive approach if you do decide to work with us.


Like most good companies, we get a lot of repeat business because our high quality work and professional approach make us trusted. Trusted to produce the right solution, built with flexibility. We've been called perfectionists, and quite frankly we take this as a badge of honour because our attention to detail means that you will get a robust, well-designed solution.

But don't just take our word for it...

Selected Recommendations

Dr David Williams

Lecture in Secure Systems, University of Surrey


Matthew has been instrumental to the technical success of our project to evaluate whether location-based technologies can be used to automatically detect what carriages and facilities go to make up a train service. I'll seek to partner with Pervasive Intelligence again on future projects for technical expertise and utmost professionalism.

Annabelle Filer

Owner, SCIN


Matthew stepped in at a moment of great urgency and managed to find those extra few hours to help us . He understood our vision and helped us to write with greater clarity and focus for our Innovate application. Great guy.

Dr Aaron Mason

Director, ManagePlaces Limited


Working with Matthew has been an extremely positive experience. Pervasive Intelligence has demonstrated the qualities of the ideal project partner: proactive, reliable, trustworthy, communicative, supportive and highly enjoyable to work with. The problem solving and technical work delivered has always been on time and above expectations.

David Arscott

Director, PyTerra Ltd


Matthew is a great facilitator when it comes to driving forward complex multi-party projects. He is interested in all technical and people aspects of projects and contributes a tremendous enthusiasm and positive attitude. He is very generous with his advice and support and will use his extensive technical experience to help other team members to advance their own work.

Professor Steve Schneider

Director of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security, University of Surrey


Matthew did an excellent job as project manager on our development of the secure electronic voting system (vVote) for the Victorian State Election that ran in November 2014. He provided all of our project planning technical documentation coordination and also contributed to the testing. He is highly experienced and professional and his contribution was absolutely critical in our delivery of the system on time and within budget. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Dr Clive Cheong Took

Lecturer, University of Surrey


Pervasive intelligence is a technological facilitator. In other words PI bridges the gap between research development and business which is perfect for me. That meant that I could focus on the mathematical modelling (which I enjoy as an academic). PI not only provided me technological support in terms of computer simulations but also helped me to better understand the problem at hand through brain storming sessions. The problem was on optimising water networks. Moreover PI provided the resource to complete all the paperwork required for this project which I tend to avoid. Matthew was always happy to answer my queries over the phone even if that meant that he was about to go to another meeting. PI has been an invaluable component of our successful project. In short if you need help simply ask PI.